Where to find Pilates in Cape Town?

When Pilates exercises are practiced in a Pilates class on a weekly or even daily basis, the exercises has the benefits to improve the strength, endurance and flexibility in the body. Pilates exercises and classes in Cape Town also helps to build a strong core by improving the balance and coordination. There are 6 principles in Pilates exercises namely breathing, concentration, control centering, flow, precision and stamina. Professional dancers have known the benefits of Pilates for decades. Celebrities use it to support and maintain their beautiful bodies.

There is a growing trend of trainers offering both massage therapy and Pilates classes. Stretching combined with touching of the body brings about a great correlation of personal development. While massaging the back helps to get rid of the knots or hard parts on your back, Pilates and Yoga reduces the risk of getting those knots on your back. Knots occur from sitting long hours in front of the computer, bad posture, stress or from depression. Massage is the best way to get rid of it, but why wait till you get it? Do Pilates and prevent it from happening.

Below are the Pilates classes for you to attend in Cape Town. Different classes have unique Pilates exercises.

Flex Pilates

Their qualified instructors have all gone for training at various recognized Pilates School. They boast a beautiful environment with warm wooden floors. They have a space for clients to gain confidence and have ways for staying fit both physically and mentally. They offer classes 7 days a week. They specialize in the famous Group Reformer Pilates Method. They always manages to give the extra touch to reach the client’s goals. Clients can choose between going about it in a team or semi-private.

Website: www.flexpilates.co.za

On Core Pilates

The instructor Kim has a passion for making people feel their best through the practice of Pilates and mindfulness. She believes that regardless of one’s body shape, age or gender, Pilates can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives. Kim’s classes are dynamic and flowing which incorporates her passion for Pilates to encourage body positive workouts. Kim currently teaches Pilates around False Bay and the Southern Suburbs Cape Town.

Pureform Pilates

Pureform Pilates offers intimate group mat classes focusing on the posture, alignment and correct muscle activation of all their clients. For this reason they keep their classes small, limited to 8 people, to ensure all clients’ needs are met. Their classes are located in the heart of Cape Town. Known for their attention to detail and precision. Their instructors are trained in all areas to assist clients where possible.

Website: www.pureformpilates.co.za

Cape Town Pilates

High Intensity Pilates offers Group Reformer Classes and Individual training. They try their best to combine core strength exercises with high intensity interval training. High Intensity Pilates offers the added benefit of a cardiovascular workout whilst targeting the deep stabilizing muscles! Pilates strengthens without bulking to create a lean and toned body. It teaches body awareness, good posture and improves flexibility. Pilates can help alleviate back pain and is used for the rehabilitation of various other conditions. High Intensity Pilates is situated at the foot of Table Mountain at the award winning Cape Town Medi Spa in Gardens. They limit the class to only 5 people to focus on individual attention.

Website: www.capetownpilates.co.za

Studio 2 Pilates

Studio 2 Pilates is a beautiful, bustling and inspiring Pilates & Barre studio in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town in an area called Claremont. They offer exercise classes to individuals and small groups of women of all ages and levels of fitness. They tend to keep classes small, with a maximum of 6-8 ladies training together at any one time. They recommend clients to sign up for regularly scheduled classes with the same group of ladies and instructor rather than doing drop-in classes. This makes sessions an opportunity to build strong connections as well as strong bodies! They have 3 types of exercise to suit everyone’s individual needs namely Pilates, Barre and Stretch.

Website: www.pilatescape.co.za

Science in Motion

At the Science in Motion Pilates studio, they provide a relaxed, open environment and highly personalised Pilates classes. Their sessions are suitable for complete beginners looking for an introduction to the benefits of Pilates, as well as more advanced students seeking a deeper exploration of movement. The studio has a decidedly scientific, analytical philosophy on fitness, and offer clients a unique movement experience, emphasising individual development. Classes focus not only on selected Pilates exercises, but also on the finer details of technique. You will develop heightened body awareness and new movement skills, and will learn to take those skills out of the studio and into your daily activities.

Website: www.scienceinmotion.biz

Pilates Cape Town

Katya’s personal clients have the advantage of the private room where they will enjoy interruption-free private and semi-private sessions. It is set up in a Stately Victorian building in the upmarket part of the Cape Town City Centre and is fully equipped with every possible large and small Pilates apparatus. They also offer budget friendly, highly supervised small group classes with the compact Pilates equipment. The specially selected varied exercises mimic the workout on the Reformer (extra-soft Pilates rollers which are kinder on your body than regular rollers, stretch bands, balls and more). It provides a challenging but safe workout that will raise your heart rate.

Website: www.pilatescapetown.com

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is a Health Club situated all around the country, please check their website for the nearest branch. One of the many services they have on offer is Pilates, please check their timetable for more information.

Website: www.virginactive.co.za

Spring Pilates

Spring Pilates was born out of frustration of people not enjoying and getting bored of the traditional Pilates form of exercise and always moving onto something with a little more high intensity. The came in to take away the traditional form of Pilates and mix it up so that it provides not only an amazing workout that is for everyone but also gets down, dirty and a bit hardcore.
There are no more reformer and basic mat classes, this time they add in resistance springs, TRX suspension trainers, chain mounted trapeze and plyo-boxes, while working along to upbeat music. This workout will have you sweating, feeling lean and strong and wanting more. Their classes range from Classic Spring, Yoga-laties, Preggie Pilates, Dance Strength, Bab-laties, Pilates Foundation and Pilates HITT.

Website: www.springpilates.co.za

A massage treatment with a Pilates session is always beneficial.

  • Massage is great in making loose the connective tissue in the upper thighs
  • Massage assists with increasing body awareness and relieves the tension
  • Massage releases tension in problem areas that are difficult to find with Pilates

For a massage in Cape Town, by a male massage therapist contact Ian Marshall today.

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