Vagina Anatomy Basics

Vagina Anatomy Basics

Whether you are male or female reading this, when it comes to sexually pleasuring a woman you need to know the vagina. The vagina is one of the worlds most complicated topics. Every woman is different and so is every vagina different. Whoever claims that a vagina is the same ..Continue Reading

Why Women Struggle with Orgasms?

One thing both man and woman want when they engage in lovemaking session is to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people, especially for women. Research shows that about 50% of women all over the world fake orgasm to boost their partner ..Continue Reading

Ten Reasons why Tantric Massage is good for Women

Tantric massage has been around for in both western and eastern parts of the world to assist with revitalizing the soul, body and mind. Many of the massage types have traced to thousands of years, they used it to remove pain from the body, mind and soul. While many would ..Continue Reading

Erotic Energy Inside a Woman

Being a women in this modern life is quite a difficult task. The expectations of being the perfect wife and companion is quite high these days. Let’s not forget about being the mother for your kids. Some women still have to work a full time job. While going for a ..Continue Reading

Erotic Massage to save your Relationship?

Erotic massage is a form of sex educational therapy in which one of the uses can be to repair torn relationships. Some people do think that there are only old or dysfunctional people who go for erotic massage but this is not the case. Many women suffer from sexual problems ..Continue Reading

Three Ways to have Strong Female Orgasms

Three Ways to have Strong Female Orgasms

While most women do not experience orgasms, some do achieve strong female orgasms. Here are three ways to increase the chances of getting an orgasm as well making the female orgasm much more intense, powerful and enjoyable. First is Foreplay, second is Kegel Exercises and third is to Practice Solo. ..Continue Reading

Female Orgasm Results from an Informal Survey

Over three hundred women in the New York area were interviewed recently. All participants were between the ages of nineteen and fifty one. They were from different economic and ethnic backgrounds. Results are as follows: Question – Do you orgasm during sexual intercourse often? “Yes” – 34% “No” – 66% ..Continue Reading

Client Becomes the Giver in Erotic Massage

Carly had everything going for her, successful 27 year old make-up artist. She loves travelling, going to new places, taking beautiful photos of herself and uploading it to her Instagram profile. She is addicted to looking at her Instagram likes each time she posts a new photo of herself. Not ..Continue Reading

Difference between Sensual, Erotic, Tantra and Happy Ending Massages?

There are different types of sexual massages offered around the world, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the difference because many future clients and people exploring this beautiful world does not know the definition. This way you when you book a massage, you know what to expect ..Continue Reading

Invite to a Hot Female Bisexual Three-Way

Invite to a Hot Female Bisexual Three-Way

This Hot Erotic Story involves Two Females and One Male. Back in the day when Ian was working in a beauty salon that offered no sexual services. Encounter with Anne On a Sunday afternoon Ian had a walk in client by the name of Anne. Ian was surprised when Anne ..Continue Reading