Reputable Model Agencies in Cape Town

Modeling agencies in Cape Town are great especially when you know where to look. Many women want to become models because it feels glamorous and attractive. I am pretty sure all of you would want that swim wear look. As in any industry, the modeling industry is quite competitive especially for models in Cape Town. You can read my previous post 4 Things Successful Women do differently. There are always a series of rejections before getting accepted. Luckily, there are quite a good number of modeling agencies in Cape Town. I will start off by mentioning the top hottest fashion models in South Africa, then I will explain how to become a fashionable model, provide some interesting stats on female models, where to study fashion design in Cape Town and last of all give the list of top modeling agencies in Cape Town.

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Top beauty fashion models in South Africa

Below are some interesting beauty fashion models from South Africa as well as their Instagram handles.

Minki van der Westhiuzen


Rolene Strauss

One word… Spoiled ⭐ #hubby #onceinawhile #mommyisbeingspoiled

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Genevieve Morton


Jenna Pietersen

Miami is always a good idea 😉📷 @mariella_garza

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Michelle Gildenhuys

Thank you @ameleakotze for my extensions #LushHair #ViaTv

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Tammin Sursok

Location scouting looks different these days ❤

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Jo-Ann Strauss


Dominique Piek

Birthday weekend mood.

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Candice Swanepoel

Summer in the city in my @Maraandmine vegan collection for @mothers2mothers. ☀ 👡👡

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Gina Athans

What Blue Monday?💙🙏💙 @thelove_army #gratitude #myafrica #grateful #happygirlsaretheprettiest

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Female Modeling Statistics

85 working fashion models responded to an online survey that was completed in New York and Los Angeles. The average age was 26 and have worked in over several countries.

The age that female models begin to work?

models begin work

The female models begin their careers from the age of 13 – 16. That is an interesting fact because many people start out later in other industries.

When do guardians or parents go with models younger than the age of 18 to castings?

parents go with models

The female models assessed go without their guardians or parents for castings. I guess they are old enough to look after themselves.

What is the current state of health for female models?

models health overview

Most female models suffer from depression and anxiety, have been exposed to drugs and alcohol on the job, have been asked to lose weight and restrict their food intake to lose weight in short periods of time.

How often do female models get sexually harassed?

models sexual harrasment

From the statistics, this is a big problem in the female modeling world. They are not getting enough privacy in the work environment as they are asked to change in the nude while not consenting to it. The touching part is quite scary too especially when the male photographers are making the angles perfect for the beauty shots to be done correctly. The sad statistic is that some say they are being pressured to have sex with their work colleagues. As the years go on, I do hope the female modeling industry improves. The good part about the statistics is that one third of the people interviewed said they have experienced no problems at all. Next I will explain how to become a fashionable model.

How to become a fashionable model?

In order to get recognized you would of course need a portfolio of your best beauty looks. Take photo’s in different areas, by that I mean not only in the studio. Locations I would suggest are Lion’s Head with the view of Cape Town, Bo Kaap by the colourful houses, Clifton Beach with the twelve mountains in the background and inside fancy exclusive hotels or top spa’s and massage centres in Cape Town. The most important part about a model portfolio is that you should show the different looks you can display. There are various poses to use, my favourites are the Cheeseburger and Tiger poses.

If you want to take modeling seriously then you should keep working towards it by drinking the right amounts of water, eating the proper foods and doing enough workouts to be in shape for your next photo shoot. Another tip is to keep reading and educating yourself about the modeling industry. I love waking up early in the morning for those early morning sunrises, the colour of the sky is so perfect. Those are one of the perks of being a model, you can go to these amazing places as part of your job. Well, and the photographer too. You can also read What type of photos do modeling agencies really want? and How to submit your photos to modeling agencies?

Where to study fashion design in Cape Town?

Yes, there is a fashion school in Cape Town. The fashion school is called Fedisa and is in one of the high rise buildings of Church Street in Cape Town. They were established for students to compete internationally in the design industry.

Fedisa has 3 qualifications on offer:

  1. Diploma in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Media
  2. Bachelor of Arts: Fashion
  3. Bachelor of Arts Honours: Fashion

I personally like the Bachelor of Arts career because it will allow you to create your own designs and trends on the runway and also influence the world with your fashion perspective. This is designed specifically for the creative entrepreneur who has a passion not only for fashion but for style as well. You will get immersed into the world of trends, heritage and cultural influences. The structure consists of four major components outlined below:

  1. Visual Studies – the basics of conceptual design, figure drawing, colour theory and illustration will be taught here.
  2. Clothing Technology – you will get equipped with the various patterns and garments production technology.
  3. Business Studies – you can learn how to launch a successful fashion business be it both online or offline.
  4. Lifestyle Studies – here you will learn the history of fashion and the influence it has made on the world.

When you qualify, the opportunities are endless such as Fashion Design/Buying/Marketing/Journalism/Forecasting and lots more. Many graduates that studied at Fedhisa are working at the top magazine companies that women usually buy. To name a few Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Elle, Glamour and others.


Address: 81 Church St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

There are various modeling scams on the internet, below are model management firms in Cape Town who is known for being reputable.

Boss Models

Boss Models represents and manages top models in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.



Address: 1st Floor, 220 Upper Buitengraght Street, Cape Town

D&A Model Management

D&A Model Management is now one of South Africa’s leading lights, boasting a global stable of formidable models and a host of local and international clients that happen to be the world’s best loved brands. Their mission is to promote diversity within the industry with quality rather than quantity. Our vision is to create a powerful, and positive trinity of happy models.



Address: 1st Floor, 220 Upper Buitengraght Street, Cape Town

ICE Model Management

Ice Model Management was founded in 1995 is South Africa’s most prestigious modeling agency. They have offices in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.



Address: 160 Sir Lowry Road, H102 The Hills, Buchanan Square, Woodstock, Cape Town

Fusion Models

Fusion Models is situated in Green Point suburb. They represent celebrities such as Kerry and Tracy McGregor. From being a small agency they have the reputation for being in close contact with their clients and models.



Address: 15 Varneys Rd, Green Point, Cape Town

Base Models Agency

Base Models Agency represent Hollywood’s top actors.



Address: 15 on Orange Hotel, 15 Orange St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Outlaws Model Agency

Outlaws Model Agency was founded in 1991 and is proud to be an elite model agency based in Cape Town. They are home to top international models and a passionate booking team. They work closely with leading agencies around the world shaping models careers.


Address: 11 Wessels Road, Greenpoint, Cape Town

Topco Models

Topco is a well reputed Model and Talent Management agency based in Cape Town representing Local & International Women, Men, Performing Artists, Actors and others.



Address: 24 Alfred St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

3D Management

3D Management is an established model agency that focuses on finding, developing and representing top South African and international models. They are linked to agencies and production companies throughout the world. They also worked with and helped to establish supermodels like Irina Shayk for the cover of GQ magazine.



Address: Urban Lime Building, 32 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

20 Model Management

20 Model Management represents more than 250 male and female Models who have appeared in campaigns for International brands such as BMW, Nivea and others. They are dedicated to helping all of the models it represents to build viable and sustainable careers.



Address: B202, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town


FanJam offers personalized career model management combined with world-class services. They are now known as the leading model agency in South Africa.



Address: 2A, First Floor, Media Hive Building, 1 Glynville Terrace, Gardens, Cape Town

Loys Models

Loys Models pride themselves over having the best and top black models. They are a well reputed Model and Talent Management agency based in Cape Town.



Address: 47 Strand Street, Cape Town

Vision Management

Vision Management is a firm that that represents professional male and female models for Editorial, Catalogue and advertising clients.


Address: 164 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Faith Model Management

Faith Model Management started in 2006 with a very skilled booking team. They are known for providing the best service to clients and models. Personal relationships and excellent communication is the key to their success.



Address: 173 Main Road C/O Clyde, Green Point, Cape Town

Martez Model Management

Martez Model Management is where models and talent have a total package of professionalism and confidence.



Address: 21 La Provence Road, Welgelegen, Cape Town

Infinity Models

Infinity Models is a boutique agency where they spend more time looking after each model to make their career a bigger success. Their aim for every model is to guide and nurture them in the road to success for the long run.


Address: 68 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

I am a male massage therapist, but have always been curious about photography, modeling and the fashion industry. Finally you can also read Why male massage therapists provide a different experience to massage?

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