Five Things Successful Women do Differently

Few of my clients have achieved great success in their life while others are on their way of completing it. I usually get the tips from the successful women and then feed it to the women who on their way to achieve success when they ask. I have summed up 4 of the most important successful traits in this post whom I think every woman should have.

In their mind, they believe they will be successful

They are willing to fail and take the risk. They get hurt from hateful critics, from then they learn and carry on. They learn to deal with it. They are also willing to lose what they currently have. They are aware that failing is part of the journey to being successful. No matter what gender you are, you can get far in life. They have a To Do list with a clear vision that has goals written into it. The To Do list for the next morning starts the night before. When they are going for a jog, walking with the dogs or commuting idea’s pop into their mind quite frequently. The moment they have an idea, they write it down into their diary so that they can remember when they are ready to execute it.

They go regularly to beauty spas for massage treatments

The best way to get rid of stress is to relieve themselves in the massage parlour. They let the massage therapy session take care of all the work while they get pampered. Whether the massage is in the outdoors or indoors, or whether the type of massage is either Sports, Swedish, Thai, Reflexology or Deep Tissue. This is still by far the best way to unwind. While they are at the beauty spa, maybe sometimes it can be a full day spa treatment. Most times they do their nails, go for a wax, facial and hair all in one go. They are aware that time is money, so they kill two birds with one stone by inviting one or two friends along to the spa treatment. After they get an erotic massage, words can’t exactly describe how great the experience is. They feel on top of the world and ready to kick ass again.

They eat the right foods and do the right workouts

The go regularly to Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes. Exercise releases endorphins, increases energy and relieves stress in the bodies. They always make time to look their best and be presentable. They drink a glass of hot water in the mornings to clean their digestive system. Meditation is also part of their morning routines. Two of the main workouts they do is planks and squats with a bit of stretches. They also try and hit a different kind of workout such as indoor cycling, indoor netball or dance class.


They keep their relationships strong

They keep in contact with people that are going to take them further in life. Friends who is not motivating them to do better, they stay away from. They always surround themselves with people who will lead them into the right direction. They stay connected on Social Media to wish close friends on celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. While doing so, they also fit in some alone time. This is where they spend time in the parks to think up how the week went, what went wrong and how it can be improved the next time. They prepare for the worst, expect low results and then end up with the highest of returns.

They show appreciation for people around them

When people support them in the work or course they are doing, they show appreciation by inviting them to dinner. Or even buying a muffin or slice of cake from a local coffee shop. When they show appreciation they too feel happy. They bond with their employees and coworkers. That 5 minute coffee break is well worth the chat and if that gets done every day of the week, the minutes sums up and eventually equals to hours. The more you know your coworkers the better it is to liaise with them in upcoming projects.

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