Five Reasons You Should Have A Massage After Your Workout

Congratulations! You’ve made fitness and exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle. Have you considered adding regular massage therapy to your fitness regime? If you have a passion for fitness, here are five reasons why a regular massage in Cape Town will help you get in shape:

1) A massage will speed your recovery
A post workout massage will reduce the stiffness and pain often caused by a strenuous training session and accelerate the tissue repair and healing process, helping you get back to the gym more quickly. A good massage after training will also relax your muscles and help release any myofascial adhesions more effectively than foam rolling.

2) Massage increases blood flow and circulation
A regular post workout massage in Cape Town will increase the flow of blood to all of your tissues and organs. More blood means more oxygen and nutrients to your cells, resulting in increased energy, endurance and cell and tissue repair. Increased circulation also speeds the removal of metabolic wastes from your cells, reducing the occurrence of DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness and the pain often experienced 24-48 hours after your exercise sessions.

3) Massage boosts your lymphatic system
As your improved blood flow removes waste products and toxins from your cells and tissues, it deposits these waste products in your lymphatic system, your internal filters and purification system. Your body contains lymph nodes in your groin, neck, breast, abdomen, even your knees and elbows. These nodes filter and breakdown pathogens, toxins and waste which are then carried away by your lymphatic fluid to your liver and kidneys for elimination. A regular post workout massage in Cape Town increases this lymphatic flow, helping keep your body healthy by flushing away these waste products.

4) Massage improves your immune system
Your immune system ensures that your body fights pathogens and prevents infection and disease. Your immunity can be greatly weakened by chronic stress and the resulting imbalance of hormones placing you at risk for disease. Your regular massage in Cape Town relieves stress and tension, improves neuromuscular activity and balances your body’s hormone release, ensuring that your immune system is able to fight off disease.

5) Massage greatly improves flexibility and range of motion
Regular massage in Cape Town reduces scarring and myofascial adhesions and trigger points that restrict movement, flexibility and your range of motion. Massage can reduce pain and swelling in your joints and the soft tissues surrounding your joints eliminating stiffness while promoting improved flexibility and full range of motion. For a full spa massage directory in Cape Town, click here.