The following is a list of questions asked by current and future clients.
Any other questions that are not answered, please use Whatsapp or email directly. Phone voice calls and text messages will no longer be answered unless agreed upon in advanced.

PS: This is very different to an escort or gigolo service. Please respect boundaries.

1) This type of massage is new to me, what are my expectations?
I am very professional and pay 100% of my attention to my clients. All boundaries are discussed before the massage starts. You are allowed to touch and feel my body at any point during the massage therapy session. This is an experience created by the client, so you will be in charge of the session. This service is completely safe and confidential. The focus is only on you. You are allowed to stop at any time of the massage.

We are both required to be in the nude while I will focus on your erogenous zones to ensure you are fully satisfied for the duration of the session. This is a really great massage experience – please do have energy and try not to be tired during the session. Learn more on What to Expect at the Start of the Massage?

2) I am nervous and don’t feel comfortable about the nude erotic massage.
I am an expert and very passionate about the work that I do. My passion lies in the female body. No need to be nervous as I deal with this on a day to day basis. From having years of experience, you will most definitely be in safe hands from the start. Please read the Testimonials page as well as my Blog specifically on Get Rid of Anxiety for Sensual Massage. Should you prefer, there is an option of starting the massage with clothes on to get the mood going.

If the above does not work and you still feel very nervous or uncomfortable, we can meet up face to face over coffee a few days before your booking. This manner will allow you to ask more questions and where I can also find out more about your goals and objectives. After this meeting you have the option of deciding whether to go ahead with the massage appointment. Should you still feel nervous then you have alternate massage spas in Cape Town that offer ‘traditional’ massage to cater for those needs.

3) What is the process for making an appointment?
1. Browse under the Services Section of the website to view the different massages that are on offer
2. Choose a massage
3. Phone, Email or WhatsApp with a location of venue, date and time. (When phoning please phone from your own mobile number as private numbers will NOT be answered). This massage is for women ONLY
4. All payments are strictly cash on arrival, you will need to pay before the massage starts
5. Please try and pre-book as early as you can. I am available all day on Weekends and Public Holidays.

4) Why call-outs only and no beauty spa in Cape Town?
1. Women need to feel safe and comfortable in their own surroundings. Safety and comfort is of utmost importance.
2. It is much more convenient for the massage therapist to travel than to have the client do the traveling.
3. If the client is not able to provide a venue, I can select a discreet hotel or upmarket apartment venue in the area of the client’s choice.
4. Should the client feel comfortable, she is welcome at any one of the venues I use on the Atlantic Seaboard.

5) What must I do before the erotic massage?
You must take a warm shower before the massage therapy session. Ensure the back of your feet has no dirt on it. I am very clean and I expect all my clients to be clean as well. You can read more detail on How to prepare for Erotic Massage

6) Do I have to be nude for this service? I can get shy at certain times.
You have to be naked, I am very educated and experienced in touching the female body. No need to be shy. For the extreme cases of very shy women there is an option of starting the massage with clothes on for both you and the therapist.

7) What is the length of the session?
Most clients prefer the 2 hour long sessions. The price varies on the hour, see prices for more information. The longer the session, the more erotic orgasms I can provide.

8) Can my boyfriend or husband join?
No, males are not allowed to join. This is a women massage only service. This is a connection between 2 people – the therapist and client.  Please note that you will be in safe and secure hands.

The male is allowed to be in the room and observe or watch. He is not allowed to take photo’s or video record the massage session.

9) Do you cater for groups of ladies?
Yes, I do. I cater for Birthday celebration’s, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and very special occasion’s. Please make contact for further information.

10) What other services do you offer?
I offer Sex Education and help women achieve Powerful Orgasms. I am also in the process of writing a book about my work learn more.

I host sex parties focused on bisexual and lesbian women. If you are interested, please contact me and I will let you know the dates.

11) What are the payment options?
Cash only.

12) Do you have special offers?
Yes, I love giving Special Offers to clients.
1. Refer a friend and get R250 off your next massage.
2. Book for both you and a friend at the same time to get massaged in the same hour/s and pay for the price of One.
Other discounted rates and special offers are currently being sent to regular clients. Please make contact to find out more.

13) Can you travel to other cities or countries?
Travelling can be arranged. If I am by any chance in your country or city then we can arrange a massage therapy session. However, if I am not in your city then you would need to pay for costs that include travel fare, accommodation and food allowance. Please make contact for further information and let me know which city you reside in.

14) Do you have an age restriction? Are most of your clients single?
Yes, clients need to be between 18 and around 50 years of age. A few are single, but most of my clients are in a marriage relationship who wants to experience a unique thrilling and relaxing adventure.

15) Do you use a massage bed?
No, while there are many schools of taught on what bed to use for erotic massage, I prefer to use a soft bed as it provides full comfort and sensuality.

16) Are you on Social Media?
No, I am not on Social Media. No need for me to be on it as this is a private service for discreet clients. The only marketing I have is referrals from existing clientele and my website.

17) How do you handle client confidentiality?
One of the rules I am bound to is ‘never reveal clients information to anybody’. I delete the phone number and all details after the massage. You should do the same. The only cases where I do keep the phone number is when the client is a regular or she wants to keep contact with me.

18) What is your age?
I am 29 years old.

19) I would like to know how you look before I book an appointment?
My photo can be viewed here.

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