Foursome at a Beach Holiday Getaway Resort

This erotic story is about a woman Kim who never had sex with strangers nor with other women. With diseases and unplanned pregnancies which tended to result from one-time flings, the idea of climbing into bed with men she had just met were not worth the risks. In addition, she believed marriage was a contract and never considered being less than faithful to Ryan, her husband for fourteen years. What made her vulnerable to stay from her usually rational behavior was when Ryan left her for his twenty-year-old secretary. Call it midlife crisis on his part or whatnot, but their split has left her devastated, and like many divorced women, she began feeling old (yes, even at thirty-six!), unattractive and insecure.

She was reading a travel magazine one afternoon while waiting for a traditional hot stone massage therapy appointment when she spotted an ad for a weekend getaway. Since she has not travelled since before her divorce, she jotted down a phone number mentioned in the advert. She called and booked a reservation after she returned home from her appointment at the beauty salon. The weekend was filled with many activities: tennis, swimming, lavish meals, water activates and dancing, just to name a few, and she met several nice people. She had been disappointed at first that the getaway was attended by mostly couples, mostly old people even though there were a few singles who were also present. Her initial letdown soon dissipated when she concentrated on enjoying herself.

She was sitting alone at a table after lunch in the hotel’s outdoor lounge when a waitress brought her a drink she ordered. She looked and spotted a man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties winking, smiling and raising his glass at her. What in the world? She thought. She knew there aren’t many single women at the beach resort, she thought but why her? He came to her table and asked to join her. His name was Ian Marshall. He said he was at the beach resort for a client of his. They flew him over for a two nights. Even though she thought he was too young for her, at least at first he was attractive with dark hair and hazel nut brown eyes. They flirted and talked for a long time, but I was still curious as to his interest in her. “It’s nice to see at least one female who knows the meaning of a decent conversation.” When the outdoor lounge closed after lunch, it was clear he didn’t want to part ways. “Want to come to my room for another drink?” Ian suggested.

Against my better judgment, I agreed. “I’d like that. I miss being with someone, but it’s kind of nice to have time to myself.” They sat on the beach for a bit and chatted. They started kissing in the elevator before they got to his room. Ian notices her hair smells like girl product, flowery, fruity and a little damp. In the hallway, Kim heard moans and grunts emerging from somewhere and smiled to herself. Someone’s getting lucky today, I thought.

Rewind to the night before

After Ian had finished his massage therapy session in one of the rooms in the hotel. He went outside to the lounge and ordered a drink. He saw two beautiful women, like really sexy women. One was a brunette and the other was a blonde. They were chilling and having some fun. “Hi, my name is Ian” Ian went up to them and introduced himself. “So what brings you to the resort? Where are the boyfriends/husbands?” Ian asks with astonishment. “This is girl’s time out, men are not allowed. They are very far away” the brunette responded. “The two of us live in different cities and all we want to do is catch up and have some fun. We are on a break from the men in our lives.” the blonde said. “We told them the usual line, we need some space and need to spend time with the girls” the brunette said. They were drinking and were all having a good time with jokes and laughter. Eventually they opened up and asked Ian if he could organize a third girl to join them for some fun. After all what happens on a beach resort stays on a beach resort. Ian said he would try. That time in the evening it was the old drunk couples who still hung around and everyone else had left to go back to their bedrooms. Ian was also tired from his massage therapy session he had a few hours earlier. He said he will try tomorrow and asked for their room numbers.


Imagine Kim’s shock when Ian opened the door to the room spotting a woman around her age having sex with a younger woman on one of the king-sized beds.

As Ian walked in the brunette stripped off Ian’s clothes and stood in front of the blonde wagging his erect cock. She took the entire length into her mouth and started sucking him while the brunette continued sucking the blonde’s soft wet juicy vagina. “Oh hell yeah” the brunette said”. If Kim hadn’t witnessed what was unfolding before her eyes, she would still believed such a thing only existed in adult movies. She never imagined in her whole life that she would be standing in front of two lesbians. She was turned on and while on holiday wanted to experience something new.

“Come on, honey” Ian told Kim. “Get naked and join the party. “I told you I would find another woman to join the party” Ian said confidently to the blonde and brunette. That statement certainly explained his actual interest in Kim. In spite of herself, she became aroused watching the three of them. She undressed, sat in a chair by one of the beds, and began rubbing her clit while watching Ian’s hard shaft slide in and out of the blonde woman’s pussy while she still sucked the brunette’s vagina.

Without thinking, she started jerking his throbbing shaft before she wrapped her lips around his bulging head. She swirled her tongue across his rigid dick before engorging it into her mouth. He put his hand on the back of her neck and fucked her face while she sucked his cock all the way down to his balls. She felt his orgasm approaching. She slid her fingers under his balls and gently squeezed them. He groaned in ecstasy as his semen began to fill her mouth, and she swallowed it as quickly as she could. She continued sucking his gradually deflating cock until he was completely drained.

“Wow that was one hell of a blow job!” He looked over at the blonde woman, who was sucking the brunette’s soft vagina. “We all want to watch you swallow his load”, the blonde says. It was less than halfway between her lips and he pushed his length further into her mouth. He grunted and sighed while his hands held her head and thrust his hips into her face. She complied and took down his sperm until his orgasm was complete. He withdrew from her mouth with a satisfied smile and both joined them on the bed. “So…what can we do next?” The brunette woman had her a wicked grin while she rubbed one of Kim’s breasts. “Mmmm…How about a little girl on girl action?” the brunette asks. “Really deep, or light?” Kim said. She thinks her mouth is so pretty. It’s hard not to think of kissing. “I love that. That closeness can be so intense, and beautiful. That feeling when our bodies are closed and connected.” Kim said.

“Now that’s something I’d definitely like to watch,” the blonde said. “Just lay back, spread your legs, and let her work her magic.” Ian and the brunette got up and sat on the other bed, making room for Kim to lie down. The brunette rubbed Kim’s thighs for a few minutes. She licked her lips, moved down and positioned her head between Kim’s legs. Her lips were soft and her hands gentle while she went down on Kim. She thought she would have an immediate orgasm after she started finger fucking her. The brunette’s tongue darted around Kim’s pussy with expertise. Kim couldn’t believe what was happening, but what she was doing to her felt too good for Kim to stop her. She wanted more. She pulled out her fingers and came up to kiss her. Kim has never kissed a woman before and couldn’t believe how arousing it was. She broke the kiss and began to massage and suck on Kim’s huge breasts.

The brunette licked her way down Kim’s torso and stopped to stick her tongue in her navel. She continued working downward until she reached Kim’s slit and stuck two fingers inside her. She licked her pussy with enthusiasm while she pumped her fingers in and out of Kim’s wet opening. Squeals and moans escaped Kim’s lips as she slid in two more fingers and fucked her to the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Kim couldn’t help but be amazed that a woman had gotten her off with such intensity, even her ex-husband never made her come in such a way. She trembled as she climbed on top of her. “Did you like that?” she asked. “God, yes!” Kim said with excitement.

Kim guided his cock inside her while her spare hand roamed her large breasts. She gently bit her nipples and then kissed her, their tongues entwining. The feeling of Ian’s hard cock in her pussy and her tongue caressing the inside of her mouth felt so good. Kim began moaning louder as the brunette’s friction of rubbing her clit and Ian’s thrusts became more intense. Kim knew it was only a matter of time before she came.

When Ian pulled out and climaxed on her breasts, the brunette bent her head and licked his sperm clean. Once the three of them finished having sex, both of them collapsed on each side of Kim. “Now you know what it’s like to be with a woman,” the blonde said as she ran one of her soft hands over her chest. “It’s my turn to have you, Ian,” the brunette said, nibbling his ear. Within seconds, he had mounted her and she’d guided his cock inside. Ian started fucking her with slow hard strokes and gradually increased his thrusts until the brunette screamed in orgasm.

After several minutes of missionary sex, she interrupted Ian and rolled him over, all the while not letting his cock slide out of her. The brunette began to ride him and her enormous breasts bounced as she impaled herself on Ian over and over. He lowered his dick over the blonde’s mouth and ducked his own head down to her pussy. She slid her tongue down his rock-hard shaft, flicking her tongue over his cock head.

Ian spread Kim’s pussy lips and pushed his tongue in as deep as it would go. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his tongue curling and flexing inside her. She wrapped her lips around his cock. Her tongue danced over his throbbing erection while she sucked him. When his erection hit the back of her throat, she contracted and relaxed its muscles around his cock head and lavished attention on his shaft. While the blonde continued to slide up and down Ian’s shaft on the other bed, Ian lifted his body and his cock slid out of her mouth. He repositioned himself and placed Kim’s legs on his shoulders before pushing his throbbing cock inside her. Her breath became jagged as the tempo of his thrusts increased, and she lost count of how many orgasms she had the entire time he screwed her.

The four of them fucked in perfect unison. Ian pumped in and out of Kim while the blonde continued riding the brunette. Sighs, grunts, moans, and cries filled the room along with the telltale odor of unrestrained sex. Soon, he flipped the blonde until she was under him and continued pounding her pussy before he exploded inside her. Kim looked over and was amazed Ian had remained hard when he pulled out of her. The blonde turned on her side and rubbed her clit while she watched Ian and Kim go at it.

Ian’s cock began to swell in her. Knowing what was about to happen.  The blonde and brunette watched while Ian straddled Kim and came all over her breasts. When he finished, Kim joined the blonde on the other bed. The blonde ran her tongue around the perimeter of Kim’s breasts and licked Ian’s sperm from him. They then kissed and slid their fingers into each other’s pussies.

Kim was stunned by the realization that she had spent the afternoon being fucked by three strangers who are both male and female and actually enjoyed it! “So what do you guys have plans for tonight?” Kim asked. Ian rose and headed toward the bathroom. “Have a shower, grab some dinner, and then we can all come back here to continue what we’ve been doing all afternoon.” So much for Kim’s old policy of refraining from stranger sex. If it’s anything like she had experienced with Ian, the blonde and brunette it may be the best kind!

Disclaimer: Characters in this erotica are pure fiction and they do not represent any client. This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual erotic massage.